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Ground water sampling and monitoring

Similar to soil sampling, groundwater sampling events are utilized to help characterize a site. During assessment activities, small plastic wells are installed in and around a site. These are referred to as monitoring wells. Monitoring wells are utilized to create a conduit to an aquifer (water table) that may be suspect of contamination. Stale, standing water should not be sampled. It is very important to purge existing groundwater from a monitoring well to allow fresh water to enter a well for sampling. This will present a much more accurate account of the water conditions at a site. Groundwater conditions can also be utilized in determining groundwater flow direction. Flow direction is a key factor in determining where contamination might migrate over time. New disposable gloves and sampling devices should always be used between each sample being collected to avoid cross contamination and for the protection of workers.

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When our basement flooded we were fortunate that our insurance company used SOS. We found them to be professional, prompt extremely efficient polite and clean. Because of their work we asked if they would do our rebuild and remodelling of the now clean fresh smelling basement. Thankfully they agreed and their work was exemplary. They listened to our wants and gave us alternative ideas and carried out the work not just to our satisfaction but also to their own. There were times when they saw a problem that we didn’t and put it right. There were no shortcuts and we heard their work ethic of “if I wouldn’t be happy with it why should someone else”several times. We can not fault anything about this company or their workers, they were always on time, polite, clean and informative. If there was a problem or delay we were told before each incident, it was explained and new work date given. In short we can not find any fault no matter how minor with SOS. Not only would we recommend them if asked we have been extolling their work to friends, family and acquaintances.

— James and Val Stroh, Napanee, Ontario

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Mike went above and beyond inspecting and helping us feel comfortable with our new home. We will definitely use this company if we need them in the future!

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I cannot recommend this company enough. They really came through when I needed an abestos removal done in a short time frame. Not only was the turnaround between our call and completion fast but they went over and above. They took calls from the buyers lawyer and made sure the process was well documented. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Friendly staff!

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